Our Services

If you are a start-up that is seeking to enter the UK travel market, or an established travel company that is keen to explore new markets or products, the likelihood is that your business may require certain licences or accreditation in order to so, such as an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL), IATA Accreditation or ABTA Membership.

While the UK travel regulations and the many types of licences can be difficult to navigate, we are here to offer our experience and expertise to help travel companies in these areas. Our specialist services include the following:

  • We undertake independent assessments of business plans to determine which licences are required to fulfil your strategic goals.
  • We represent and advise travel companies that are seeking to obtain an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL), IATA Accreditation and/or ABTA Membership, which includes preparing detailed applications, attending meetings and negotiating fair terms on your behalf. Please contact us for further details on our fully inclusive application and renewal packages.
  • We are capable of building bespoke financial and business models to support your application(s).
  • We offer specialist and bespoke advice on any queries concerning the UK travel market and regulations.
  • We represent and assist travel companies when dealing with a wide range of ad-hoc matters relating to ATOL, IATA Accreditation or ABTA Membership, including negotiations, unexpected changes in terms, new financing, acquisitions and disputes.
  • We have the capabilities to arrange the placement of specialist types of security that may be required to obtain your accreditations, such as bonding, trust and escrow accounts.
  • We advise on, and arrange placement of, appropriate travel-related insurances.

For any other bespoke service or advice relating to the UK travel market, please also feel free to contact us here.