ATOL License

ATOL License (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a UK consumer protection scheme that is administered by the Civil Aviation Authority. If your business would like to sell air package holidays directly to consumers in the UK, the likelihood is that you will require an ATOL to legally do so.

There are, however, many nuances and complexities to the ATOL scheme that can be difficult to navigate, from specific ATOL exemptions to the broader scope of ATOL protection that can also apply to certain flight only bookings.

When applying for an ATOL there are several different routes that can be taken by travel businesses to obtain a licence, including:

  • Applying directly for an ATOL to the Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Applying for an ATOL via an approved Franchise ATOL; or
  • Join an approved ATOL Accredited Body.

The most efficient and suitable route to obtaining an ATOL will be dependent on each company’s individual circumstances and we at TIC will take the time to understand your business and advise you on the appropriate steps. Some of the services that we offer to help you to become an ATOL holder include:

  • Carrying out an independent assessment to determine which type of ATOL is most suitable for your business.
  • Guidance and practical support with completion of the ATOL application.
  • Prepare financial and business models to support your ATOL application.
  • Assist with all correspondence and negotiations concerning your ATOL, including any ATOL-related meetings that may be required.
  • Assist with, and advise on, assembling the grant conditions of your ATOL. For example, TIC has the capabilities to arrange the placement of specialist types of security that may be required to obtain your ATOL, such as bonding, trust and escrow accounts.