ABTA (formerly the ‘Association of British Travel Agents’) is one of the UK’s leading travel associations and becoming an ABTA Member can offer many benefits to travel agents and tour operators, including business support and increasing consumer confidence.

Applying for, and maintaining, ABTA Membership can be a time and resource intensive exercise for travel companies but TIC is on hand to assist your business with any ABTA-related matters, including:

  • Carrying out an independent assessment to determine whether your business requires ABTA Retail and/or ABTA Principal Tour Operating Membership(s).
  • Guidance and practical support with completion of the ABTA application.
  • Prepare financial models and/or assist with other types of reporting to support your ABTA application.
  • Assist with all correspondence and negotiations concerning your ABTA membership, including attending any ABTA-related meetings that may be required.
  • Assist with, and advise on, assembling the grant conditions of your ABTA membership. For example, TIC has the capabilities to arrange the placement of specialist types of security that may be required to obtain or renew your ABTA membership, such as bonding, trust and/or escrow accounts.